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FinEx Overview

FinEx was formed six years ago by Massood Oroomchi and Alec Moore, two professional Finance Executives with 65 years of combined experience, who saw a need in Canada to provide a practical and comprehensive solution for planning and executing SOX/Bill 198 Compliance Programs.

FinEx developed a comprehensive Internal Control Solution that focused on the top level controls and was based on risk, and could easily be customized to any size of firm whether publicly traded, private, pre-IPO, government or not-for-profit organization.

Although the business started with delivering Internal Control Solutions, our service offerings grew rapidly to encompass other areas in the CFO's domain such as Financial and Management Reporting, Mergers and Acquisitions and Interim Senior Management positions. With this full suite of services, FinEx truly offers a "one-stop-shop" for CFOs. FinEx's client base spans from the largest public companies to pre-revenue firms on the smaller end and we have expertise in a variety of industries including high technology, natural resources, telecommunication, insurance and manufacturing.

Since the inception of our firm in 2004, we have delivered a variety of professional services to over 35 companies and our value-add solutions have continuously surpassed client expectations. Our business has grown by word of mouth and in several instances we have been repeatedly engaged by the CFOs year over year or as they have moved to different companies.

We also have access to a larger pool of talent through our strategic alliances.


  • Establish and/or optimize Internal Control Programs for publicly traded, private, pre-IPO, government or not-for-profit organizations
  • Improve the Financial Reporting function through the acceleration of close process and the design and establishment of content and controls
  • Provide IFRS and other complex accounting and shareholder reporting services
  • Provide Mergers and Acquisitions support through leading or executing pre or post M&A initiatives
  • Develop and enhance Performance Management Programs including linking Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Risk Management with Performance Metrics and Compensation
  • Provide Interim Senior Management Roles for Finance, HR and IT
  • Deliver customized and on-site Training Programs for Finance, HR and IT Personnel
  • Deliver IT Solutions in support of the finance function
  • Provide Internal Audit Services or assist the companies in establishing such services internally


  • Led and optimized top-down, risk-based SOX/Bill 198 Programs for dozens of public companies of various sizes and industries addressing the client's size and key compliance risks. The end-to-end internal controls solution included a Roadmap to Compliance, design and establishment of policies & procedures, control testing and evaluation as well as Board, Audit Committee, Executive Team and staff orientation and training.
  • Developed Entity Level Control documentation and testing programs for EnCana and Manulife.
  • Designed and implemented Board Governance Practices for all types of organizations.
  • Successfully established and completed a SOX Compliance Program for a US Company in nine months.
  • Streamlined a company's internal control program by reducing the level of documentation, number of key controls and testing efforts by 90% in one year.
  • Developed programs and solutions to assist a number of publicly traded companies in becoming self-sufficient in their compliance efforts and integrating their compliance program with their daily business activities through self assessments and establishment of monitoring controls.
  • Implemented full internal control environments for a number of pre-IPO companies in preparation for an IPO and CEO/CFO Certification requirements.
  • Established robust internal control systems for a Private Enterprise improving business processes and controls and reducing audit fees.
  • Provided Roadmaps to Internal Control Sufficiency to a number of government entities.
  • Designed and executed complete Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Programs.
  • Developed and executed a business integration program for a newly acquired business in South America.
  • Designed and provided oversight in streamlining the financial close process for an international public company resulting in a faster close process and allowing more time for senior management review and analysis of financial results.
  • Designed and implemented Monthly Management Reporting contents and processes for a variety of clients providing timely financial and operational reports with benchmarking to budgets and prior period results and producing comparative, trending, ratio and other forms of analysis for management decision making purposes.
  • Provided offsite and on-site training to hundreds of Finance and HR professionals.


  • The two partners of FinEx have 65 years of combined experience and deliver services at substantially lower rates in comparison with tier 1 and tier 2 accounting firms.
  • We become part of the management team and act as an extension of management.
  • The partners of FinEx spend time throughout the assignment on-site and with management and staff.
  • We deliver one-stop Finance, HR, IT service portfolio allowing the Executive Team to single-source their entire non-routine project needs.
  • Our objective is to create a self-sustaining environment for our clients with reduced dependency on outside service providers. We achieve this objective by training your staff and by providing hundreds of user-friendly self-sustainment templates and methodologies.
  • Our business has grown by word of mouth as supported by testimonies and references from all of our clients rather than through direct advertising.

FinEx has a number of associates across Canada and in South America who have experience in SOX/Bill 198 Compliance, IT Solutions and IFRS Transitions. We also have access to a larger pool of talent through our numerous strategic alliances.